Automation Technology Laboratory,the Helsinki University of Technology--赫尔辛基工业大学自动化技术实验室



  Until 2008, the Automation Technology Laboratory was a part of the Department of Automation and Systems Technology of the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). After a number of organizational changes, it now exists as three research groups that are a part of the Department of Automation and Systems Technology of the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering .

  The Automation Technology research group is working in the field of automation technology including robotics, mechatronics and control of industrial processes. It is a high-class research and teaching unit in the field of automation technology and robotics with a wide variety of robotic test-bed equipment, special instruments and pilot processes.

  The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Generic Intelligent Machines Research, GIM , started its six-year mission in Autumn 2007. GIM is lead by Professor Aarne Halme and is formed from the robotics group of the previous Automation Technology Laboratory and a group from the Institute of Hydraulics and Automation at Tampere University of Technology. GIM concentrates on research and doctoral education.

  The Autonomous Systems research group is led by Professor Arto Visala, and covers research in autonomous systems and robotics, machine perception, and other fields.

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